Wedding photo gift registries from ProPhotoRegistry are the best possible way to make more money as a photographer!
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Can we help? If you're on the fence about setting up a gift registry for your clients, why not send us a message and request a free branded demo registry?

Why ProPhotoRegistry?

Because up-selling is hard.

ProPhotoRegistry helps ease the pain of the up-sell by allowing clients' family and friends to purchase your printed products as gifts before the gig even takes place.

Whether you shoot Weddings, New Borns, Seniors, Bat Mitzvahs, or Quinceañeras, it's the easiest way to sell more per gig right now.

3 Reasons You Will Love ProPhotoRegistry:

More Sales - It's all about PPG (Profit Per Gig).

Happier Clients - Help 'em get gifts they adore.

Better Bottom Line - Enough said.
More Sales
Happier Clients
Better Bottom Line

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Do you already have more bath towels than you need? Want to fill your home with beautiful art from your wedding day?

Tell your photographer you want them to create a custom registry for you, and you'll be able to register for beautiful wedding-day artwork that your guests can purchase for you in lieu of more traditional gifts.

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  • +Attractive, fully-brandable registries that match your style and strengthen your online appeal.
  • +Deep customization means you can use your colors, your patterns, your logo.

Easy to Use

  • +Once you set up your first registry for a client, you can copy it over and over for all of your additional clients. The styles, branding, and products will be copied, and you can simply swap out the name and photo of your new client and move on with life.


  • +Anyone with a Paypal account can use ProPhotoRegistry.
  • +We fully support the following currencies with native currency symbols: US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Brazillian Real, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Israeli New Sheqel, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, Taiwan New Dollar, Philippine Peso, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht.

We Don't Take a Cut

  • +Unlike other online registries, we don't take a cut of your sales. Whether you sell $300 per gig or $3000 per gig, we only charge $19 per month. All sales you make go directly to your PayPal account. The only percentage based fee involved is the processing fee that PayPal charges (just like any merchant account would). It is recommended to compensate for this fee by charging a few percent extra on all registry-listed products.

Your Products, Your Prices

  • +List all of the products that you'd normally upsell after the gig, and let the client choose ahead of time what to register for. Their family and friends will help foot the bill, and your ordering sessions will never be the same.

Happier Clients

  • +Which is what it's really all about. Your clients will be able to fill their homes with the beautiful artwork you've made for them. Great for them and for you.

Better Bottom Line

  • +At the end of the day, you will make more money per gig with very little extra work.


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How does a Photography Gift Registry work? It's super easy. You (the wedding photographer) create a registry listing products that you would normally offer for sale to the happy couple after their wedding. The couple registers for the products they want. Wedding guests purchase the products (or a portion of the more expensive products) in lieu of more traditional (and less desirous) wedding gifts.

How do I get paid? Wedding guests purchase products (or portions of products) directly from you via Paypal. All funds go directly to your Paypal account, we never handle your money and don't take a cut. (Our goal in life is to increase your bottom line, not eat into it!)

Is it brandable? Will it look like part of my website? Yes, one of the best features of ProPhotoRegistry is the ability to fully customize the colors, patterns, and graphics that make up your wedding registries. Your logo, your background image(s), your font colors, your products... your registries will become a natural extension of your existing brand.

Can I start selling today? Yes, as soon as you signup for a free trial account, you will be able to start creating your first wedding photo registry!

Can I use ProPhotoRegistry in < Insert Country Name Here > ? YES! If you have a Paypal account, you can use ProPhotoRegistry.com.

What types of Products can I sell? Anything! Anything that you normally sell to photography clients, you can add to a registry.

What if I need a LOT of registries? We offer only one package - the ProPhotoRegistry Unlimited Package allows you to create unlimited registries with unlimited products!

Is it only for Wedding Photographers? No. Although our product is targetted towards wedding photographers, the front-end registries do not contain any wedding-specific language and therefore can be used by any photographer or videographer who sells products.